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Innovative and intuitive technology that gives you control of your health.
Online patient portal
Manage My Health is a powerful online platform that gives you the freedom to manage your health needs anytime, anywhere.

Appointment bookings

Video consultations

Health indicator tracking

Connecting patients and providers securely

Video consultations
Increase access to healthcare with video consultations
Improve patient reach

With today’s advanced technology, Telehealth represents a simple and cost effective tool to expand services and improve patient care.

Virtual consultations are a great method of performing initial triage, completing follow-up appointments, and accessing home-bound, remote, or travelling patients.

  • Extend your reach of care by using our high-quality, secure audio/video communication system.
  • Easy to set-up and integrate medical devices.
  • Remote Monitoring of patients with chronic and long-term conditions.
Device integration
Medical device integration
  • Medical devices can be paired with the Manage My Health mobile app (BP, BS, Pulse-Oximeter, Spirometer, ECG, and more).
  • Easy to setup and integrate new devices.
  • Secure storage of medical data on the Manage My Health portal.
Online payments
With Manage My Health Online Payments, you can collect payments for services in real time.
Payments made easy
Our payment solution works for video and phone consultations, appointments, and repeat prescriptions.
Booking and paying at the same time makes it easier and more convenient for your patients and reduces the time your team spends chasing up payments.

Easy Booking

Empower your patients to book appointments online 24/7.

Video Consultations

Increase access to healthcare for your patients with video consultations.

Online Payments

Maximise cash flow and reduce time chasing late payments.

Beating the Blues

Get better and stay better via clinically proven online CBT courses.

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