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Manage your health goals and track your progress

Receive appointment reminders from your health calendar

Make payments online

Share your health information with other healthcare providers

Any time, anywhere.

Manage My Health is a new online service that gives you the freedom to manage your health needs and that of your family, anytime, anywhere.

We take your medical information and digitize it for you, which is then available in a secure portal which you can access anywhere.

Access your medical records

See your medical records, allergies, and prescriptions all in one place and share your information with other healthcare providers.

Your information is kept secure with the latest privacy and security technology.

Track your progress

Access smart online tools to improve your health and track your progress online.

Play an active role in decisions relating to your health and wellness.

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Manage My Health is available to you right now. The registration process is quick and easy.

Making it easy to take charge

Even if you don’t see your doctor often, we’ll help you stay on top of your health & wellbeing.

Manage your health from work or home

Book appointments

Want to see a health professional? Save time by booking appointments with your doctor or nurse online.

Request repeat prescriptions

About to run out of important medications? Request a repeat prescription at the click of a button.

Got questions? We’ve got answers!

Joining is ManageMyHealth is easy. Simply talk to your medical centre and if they offer ManageMyHealth they will register you, provide you with an activation code and instructions on how to create your ManageMyHealth account. You just need your email address.

To get an activation code you will need to talk to your medical centre, if they offer ManageMyHealth they will register you and provide you with an activation code and instructions on how to create your ManageMyHealth account.

Everyone can use ManageMyHealth. Even if you are very healthy and don’t see your doctor often. You never know when an emergency situation may arise where your basic medical information could be critical, such as your blood type or any allergies you may have.

ManageMyHealth saves you time & money. You will potentially get your lab results quicker, make confirmed appointments after hours, document health goals and record your progress in achieving them. When goals are documented they become imbedded in your subconscious mind and it is a critical step towards achieving them. Do not get too hung up on the HOW you will achieve a goal, instead focus on WHAT the goal is and WHY you want to achieve it. The WHY provides a focus as to WHAT you want to achieve. The greater value you place on the outcome of achieving a goal the more likely you are to want it and make it happen.

These are the medical records that the practice you registered with has within their Patient Management System. This is often referred to as primary care medical history.

Parents can gain access to their children’s records. If you wish to access your children’s health records you should discuss this with your GP. Parents can use their own email addresses to register their children to ManageMyHealth. You will need an email address for each child you wish to register to ManageMyHealth (this is required to keep each child’s records separate). If you are also registered to ManageMyHealth then you will need to use a different email address for your children.

Each family member needs to register using a unique email address. This is required to ensure that when looking at health information, privacy, security and integrity of records are maintained.

Yes, you can access ManageMyHealth records by downloading the ManageMyHealth(Australia) app from the Apple and Android app stores on devices such as smartphones of your choice from anywhere and at any time.


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